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Entrevista a Otto Carius II

Estimados amigos,

     Muchos me habeis preguntado cuales han sido las preguntas que realice a Otto Carius con motivo de la segunda entrevista que se le realizo hace unas pocas semanas. Desafortunadamente el contenido de la entrevista sera publicada integramente en el libro titulado "Heroes Acorazados de la Segunda Guerra Mundial" (titulo provisional), como broche de oro a tal interesante libro. En total, se realizaron mas de 30 preguntas de las cuales os ofrezco 15 de ellas que apareceran en la obra ya mencionada. Cabe destacar que en dicha publicacion tambien se incluiran los pocos comandantes de tanques ganadores de la Laureada de San Fernando, la condecoracion espanyola mas importante al valor:

Dedicatoria al autor de este blog de Otto Carius.

                           OTTO CARIUS INTERVIEW
                        By José A. Márquez Periano

1. Otto Carius is one of the most important recognized heroes as one of the best tank aces during WWII. But every hero has a past. How was your childhood? Could you speak a little bit about your parents?
2. You were rejected twice from the military service for your weight. How did you feel at that time?
3. In your Memories, <Tigers in the Mud> you spoke about your first experience in the Pz38(t), but we want to know if you ever did you destroy any soviet tank with your Pz38 (t) tank?
4. Before you met Hauptmann Schober, when he invited you to join to the “Tiger unit”,what was your previous impression of the Tiger tanks?
5. Many people know that the Tiger is one of the most powerful tanks during the war, but, what where the weaknesses of this heavy tank against the soviet tanks? Many historians agree in that the T-34-85 it is best tank of WWII.
6. What was your first impression when you rode a <Tiger tank> for the first time?
7. Which combat action merited you the Second Class Iron Cross in 15th September, 1942?
8. You destroyed in some missions many  T-34-85 at very close range. Which was the reason? Was it thanks to the Tiger Cammo? Or for a good position in the battlefield?
9. One of the most important facts about the powerful Tiger is that his amazing 8.8 mm gun was able to destroy an enemy at 3000 meters. What is the longest range hit you ever made? Did you hear about some other farther shots?
10. Albert Kerscher was another important ritterkreuztrager in the 2./schwere Panzer-Abteilung 502 unit. Was there any friendly rivalry between you two to see who would take down the most enemies? This was usual amongst other servicemen, for example this is very common in pilots.
11. We have had the opportunity to listen to veterans relate how the waffen-SS where the most fierce and courageous units in the war. Is this the result of legend after the fact?
12. The Waffen-SS had heavy tank units too. What was the difference with a normal Wehrmacht unit?
13. There are many war actions that are forgotten for the history and these actions only are reminded by the brother in arms. Do you remember any important heroic action that was not properly decorated with a Knight of the Iron Cross?
14. One of the most important TD tanks is the Jagdtiger, and you have the great fortune to command one of them. So, what do you think about the Jagdtiger? Can it penetrate all the soviet tanks models? What about the American tanks?
15. One of your most important war actions was during 22th of july in 1944, in the north of Dunaburg. This action is one of the best military actions with a Tiger, the most brilliant in history. Are you able to remember anything about those 20 minutes? 

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